NaturePrint Paper, Group Fun Kit!


Have fun with Nature Print™ Paper and create beautiful permanent photographic-like images without a darkroom, chemicals or expensive equipment. Creative images can be made in a few minutes using natural or man-made objects.

Simply place the negative or flat object on the paper and expose to sunlight. After a 1-2 minute exposure, slip the paper into a tray of ordinary tap water for a minute, then blot dry. The exposed areas turn a rich blue, with unexposed areas remaining white and middle tones appearing as shades of blue. Bright indoor lights such as photoflood bulbs can be used after testing to determine the correct exposure length. Paper is packaged in a light-proof bag. Loose sheets of paper can be handled in room light without fogging. Full, simple instructions included.

* Use to make contact prints from any size negative
* Make Nature Prints from existing photos with copy negatives from copy centers
* Explore the creative world of photo-grams by placing flat objects on the paper
* Text weight paper folds without cracking for making note paper and cards
* Images are permanent and can be displayed and stored like conventional photos
* Safe and easy for all ages to enjoy


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